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Dubai Travel Guide - 15 Experiences YOU MUST DO in 2023

The video titled “Dubai Travel Guide – 15 Experiences YOU MUST DO in 2023” highlights the top 15 experiences to have in Dubai. From visiting attractions like the Miracle Garden, Dubai Mall, and Burj  Khalifa, to exploring architectural marvels like the Museum of the Future and the Dubai Frame, the video showcases the best of what Dubai has to offer. Thrill-seekers can enjoy activities like skydiving and dune buggying, while food lovers can indulge in dining at Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen and going on a food tour in the Old Town. Jet skiing, visiting the Dubai Marina and beaches, and experiencing the Deep Dive Dubai pool are also recommended. Additionally, taking a day trip to Abu Dhabi and going on a desert safari tour to immerse oneself in the local Bedouin lifestyle are highly recommended.

  • (00:00:00) In this section, the video introduces the top 15 experiences to have in Dubai. It starts with Miracle Garden, a Guinness World Record-breaking garden filled with 150 million flowers and various attractions. Next is Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the world with over 1,200 stores and 200 restaurants, along with unique features like an ice skating rink and indoor aquarium. The iconic Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, is also mentioned, along with its outdoor observation deck and the stunning Dubai Fountain show. The Museum of the Future is highlighted as a must-see building with its impressive architecture and futuristic design. Lastly, the Palm Jumeirah, a man-made island shaped like a palm tree, is recommended for its famous Atlantis water park and stunning views.
  • (00:05:00) In this section, the video talks about 15 must-do experiences in Dubai. The first experience mentioned is skydiving, which offers a unique view of the Palm and the city. The video then highlights rooftop bars and pools, including the world’s highest infinity pool and highest 360-degree infinity pool. Next on the list is the Dubai Frame, a gold-plated giant picture frame that represents the connection between the past and present of the city. Dune buggying in the sand dunes surrounding Dubai is also recommended for thrill-seekers, and the video suggests booking an early morning tour for a more private experience. Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant inspired by his TV show, is mentioned as a must-visit dining spot, with recommended dishes like the Beef Wellington and sticky toffee pudding. A food tour in the heart of Dubai’s Old Town is also recommended for trying local dishes and learning about the culture. Jet skiing is described as a thrilling way to see the iconic skyline of Dubai, including the Burj Al Arab and Atlantis.
  • (00:10:00 )In this section, the YouTuber discusses various experiences one must try in Dubai in 2023. The first recommended experience is jet skiing in the morning, as the waves are calmest at that time. The YouTuber also mentions that it’s mandatory to have a tour guide while jet skiing in Dubai. They then mention their sponsor, GetYourGuide, which offers various experiences, including skipping lines at popular attractions like Burj Khalifa. The next recommended experience is visiting the Dubai Marina and beaches. The YouTuber suggests staying near the marina as it offers beautiful beaches and a relaxed atmosphere. They also mention popular activities such as taking dinner cruises and watching the sunset at JBR Beach. Another recommended experience is visiting Deep Dive Dubai, the deepest pool in the world, which offers a unique underwater exploration experience. The YouTuber mentions that it was fully booked during their visit, but they plan to visit again in the future. The fourth recommended experience is taking a day trip to Abu Dhabi. They suggest visiting landmarks such as the Louvre Museum, Emirates Palace, and the Grand Mosque. Finally, the number one recommended experience is going on a desert safari tour to experience the lifestyle of the local Bedouins.
  • (00:15:00 )In this section, the transcript excerpt describes the experience of going on a desert safari tour in Dubai. The narrator mentions skipping camel riding but enjoying riding in a vintage Mercedes through the sand dunes. They spot wild gazelles and the incredible Arabian oryx, which are the official animal of the UAE. After the adventure, they return to camp for a delicious feast of Middle Eastern foods and end the night with traditional dancing and fire shows. The narrator highly recommends this desert safari tour experience.
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