Drink this for healthy glowing skin from within | Health tips

The YouTube video “Drink this for healthy glowing skin from within” features a smoothie recipe that can improve skin health and provide fiber and protein to keep the user full all morning.

7 TIPS FOR HEALTHY EYES 👁️ (science-based!)

Here are some science based tips for healthy eyes to avoid eye problem.

  • May 16, 2024
Healthiest Pizza in the World | Homemade recipe - Hubcage

This section of a YouTube video showcases how to create “Healthiest Pizza in the World.” The recipe involves using whole wheat flour, whole nuts, cashew cheese, and homemade tomato sauce

Neuroscientist: TRY IT FOR 1 DAY! You Won't Regret It! Habits of The Ultra Wealthy for 2023

The video discusses how task bracketing can help to form habits, and how this can be applied to any behaviour. Trying Neuroscientist for 1 day and you won't regret it.

Top 25 Most Rare and Exotic Fruits in the World

In this YouTube video titled “Top 25 Most Rare and Exotic Fruits in the World,” the presenter introduces various unique and visually stunning fruits from around the world

  • May 16, 2024
Why am I always tired - The REAL Reasons - Hubcage

The Video emphasizes on the question "Why Am I Always Tired". It identifies three reasons for feeling tired: overeating, poor sleep quality, and inactivity.