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World's Cheapest vs Most Expensive Laptop - Hubcage

 In comparison, the Coda struggles with running programs and games. The video also looks at a $1200 MSI Katana, which has gaming-specific features and better audio quality, but is much more expensive than the $500 laptop. The most expensive laptop has a dedicated RTX 3060 graphics card, a mechanical keyboard, customizable LED lighting, and an Ultra HD mini LED panel. The reviewer also recommends using Honey to save money on expensive laptops.

  • (00:00:00) In this section of the video, the YouTuber compares the world’s cheapest laptop, the Coda, priced at $70, with the Lenovo v15 G2, which costs $500. The Coda is very basic, but it’s a full laptop with a smooth matte finish and an adequately built body. The Coda comes with 12 months of Microsoft apps, and the trackpad is responsive to multi-touch gestures. However, the laptop struggles with running programs and games, as demonstrated by its low cinnebench score and trouble loading GTA 5. The Lenovo v15 G2 has a higher-quality webcam, more ports, faster USB transfers, a smoother trackpad, and more refined keys. Although the sound quality is better, the 15.6-inch screen contrast and viewing angles are slightly worse because of the TN panel. However, the biggest improvement in the $500 laptop is its performance, which is much better than the Coda, which takes a long time to complete tasks.
  • (00:05:00) In this section, the video compares a $500 laptop to a $1200 MSI Katana. The $500 laptop has a much faster storage and Wi-Fi, and a better processor and graphics, allowing for seven times the performance bump. The laptop can play games like GTA V on medium settings, and is a good value for its price. On the other hand, the $1200 MSI Katana offers gaming-specific features and better audio quality, but its build quality is about the same. The laptop has a larger screen and is brighter and has more poppy colors with better contrast and a 144hz refresh rate, giving a better overall experience. However, it is much more expensive and falls into the luxury price range.
  • (00:10:00) In this section, the power and graphics differences between the cheapest and most expensive laptops are discussed. The cheap laptop has an integrated graphics card and a basic keyboard, while the expensive laptop has a dedicated RTX 3060 graphics card, a mechanical keyboard, and customizable LED lighting. The most expensive laptop also has a 24-core, 32-thread processor, and an Ultra HD mini LED panel, making it twice as bright as the last laptop and have four times the resolution. The improvements are significant, as the expensive laptop can run multiple graphics mods at once, making the game look unbelievably realistic.
  • (00:15:00) In this section of the video, the reviewer discusses the features of the expensive MSI laptop, including its ability to handle Blue Ray tracing and the density of vegetation graphics. The laptop’s webcam, on the other hand, is of poor quality, which is a stark contrast to its other features. The reviewer recommends using Honey, a free browser extension that helps shoppers save money by searching for coupon codes and applying them at checkout. By using Honey, the reviewer was able to find a discount on the MSI Katana laptop and avoid paying the full price.
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